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Beetle & Bee Garden Little Birder Set

Product Number: 60055 T

This little bird-watching kit from Beetle & Bee Garden has everything kids 5+ need to find feathered friends in their neighborhood. Each little birder kit includes 20 bird identification cards, a pair of 4x30mm binoculars, pocket sized Kid's Guide to Birds in Your Backyard, and an illustrated drawstring storage bag to hold everything. Great for backyards, family adventures or classroom use.

For ages 5+




Introduce your children to the fascinating world of bird-watching with the Little Birder Kit, a comprehensive set designed to ignite their curiosity about feathered friends in the great outdoors. This kit includes a pocket-sized 20-page Guide to Backyard Bird Watching booklet, perfect for young bird enthusiasts eager to learn more about their avian neighbors.

The highlight of the Little Birder Kit is the pair of 4.5 x 4.5-inch sport binoculars. These binoculars feature a user-friendly center-focus design, making them suitable for viewing close-range objects, ensuring that kids can easily enjoy bird-watching without frustration. With a 4X power, the binoculars allow young birdwatchers to get up close and personal with their feathered subjects, uncovering details they might never have noticed before.

In addition to the guide and binoculars, the kit includes 20 bird identification cards, each showcasing a photograph of a unique bird species and providing intriguing fun facts. This adds an educational dimension to bird-watching, encouraging kids to observe nature and wildlife while learning about the appearance and habits of the birds they encounter in the wild. Whether your child enjoys gazing out of windows or relishes the thrill of being in nature, the Little Birder Kit is the perfect companion for their bird-watching adventures, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the natural world. It's a great gift for inquisitive youngsters who seek to connect with the beauty of the avian realm.

60055 T

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