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Summer Camp Game

Product Number: 285 G

Find your cabin assignment, wring out your swimsuit, and relive the days of canoeing, friendship bracelets, and s’mores with Summer Camp, a game by Phil Walker-Harding. Summer Camp is a competitive deck-building game where players race to earn merit badges and collect the most experience points to win. Each player has their own deck of cards to play, and as the game progresses you will add new cards to your deck to make it even stronger. But look out! Other campers have the same goal! Fun for children and families!

30-45 minutes play time For 2-4 players
Ages 10+




Fun strategy game for the whole family where you devise you strategy to build the best card combination to outplay your opponents, and rule the summer as the ultimate camper!
Game Contents: 8 activity packs with: 196 activity cards, 64 base cards, and 34 merit badges, game instructions, 24 snack bar tokens, 12 pawns (4 sets of 3), 9 path boards and 1 lake board, 4 player boards, 1 starting camper patch
30-45 minutes play time For 2-4 players

285 G

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