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Weird But True The Game

Product Number: 235 G

From the creators of National Geographic Kids Magazine comes a new game WEIRD BUT TRUE! THE GAME. It's filled with fun, wacky wild & mind-bending facts that will blow your socks off! Use your noggin and race to the finish by answering outrageous questions about strange animals, wild places, freaky phenomena and more while you deduce what exactly is WEIRD, BUT TRUE! The first player to reach the Winner’s Circle is the winner!

Ages 8+, 2-5 players




  • It's Weird, but is it True?
  • From The Creators of National Geographic Kids Magazine
  • Contains 236 Questions, 10 Answer Cards, 5 Pawns, Gameboard, Reveal Wand and Instructions
  • Ages 8+; 2-5 Players

235 G

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